Top 10 Chicken Nesting Boxes

6. 5-Gallon Bucket Nesting Box


7. DIY roll-away nest box



8. Creative Nest Ideas


9. Hen laying boxes


10. Chicken Nesting Boxes – Fresh Eggs


Natural Lice and Mite Prevention: Using Herbs in the Nest Box

Grow a blend of lavender, chamomile, bay leaves, oregano, peppermint, tansy, wormwood, marigold petals, spearmint, & catnip. put in nest boxes. This formula is antibacterial, anti-parasitic, calming, soothing & healing for chickens. Also mint to repel mice!

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5 Responses to “Top 10 Chicken Nesting Boxes”

  1. janet says:

    I love the barrel idea. I would love to have two of the “beautiful” chickens. However, I live in the county but suburbs of city, am 61, with fibomyala. Need to know his much and what is entailed to raise. Would never take and just leave in yard. Also need to put in one area of yard, what would be needed. Thank you for time and interest.

    • Kayln says:

      They need 2 square feet per bird for a coop and a penned area doesn’t take much to care for. you could have 2-3 with very little work.

  2. bj gates says:

    remember the size of the chicken, most larger breeds are to large for a bucket or smaller sized nesting box. remember if they decide to set on eggs they will need room to rise above the eggs to turn them and area to move around a little. I have found resetting the nest and leaving 6 inches all the way around for the size of the chicken and 8-10 above its head. My nesting boxes are a simple 16×16 or 18×18 box seems the perfect size for a Rhode Island Red hen.

  3. Karen says:

    Just loved the toilet seat nesting boxes! I killed myself laughing!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I love #4! It looks modern, as well as useful

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