Traditional Bathrooms and Accessories for Kids

When you have more than one bathroom and want it to be only one kid, then you just have to look for something fresh, traditional, but do not forget to be fun for kids. Good ideas for little girls bathrooms decor is to use two colors…pink and white. The colors most used in bathrooms for boys are white and blue .. and good examples can be  […] found at Baby & Child Restoration Hardware.

However, some traditional bathrooms simply display simple decor with a modern color scheme. … style light fixtures, towel racks and bathroom accessories such as Storage Bench Cushion


Bathroom for little girls
Bathroom for little boys
Industrial Basket Stuff Liner
Iron Letter Hooks
Marlowe Storage Bench
Marlowe Storage Bench Cushion
Ruffled Cotton Weathered Rattan Hamper Liner
Tailored Stripe Bath Towels
Tailored Stripe Hooded Towels
Weathered Step Stool

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  1. Jessica Davies says:

    Wow! your traditional bathroom is looking really nice.

  2. Bachtiar Effendy says:

    I am also looking for traditional bathroom accessories for my kids.

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