Traditional Design by Eckerman Studios


Michael and Ea Eckerman are father and son artists who were able to make amazing works of art with stone. Michael Eckerman is a stonemason and artist whose creative nature has led him away from traditional design. Since the 70s he has successfully incorporated fluid movement into the stonework of his fireplaces, garden hardscapes, water features, light sculptures, and the canine form (dogs). It is the blending of traditional and free-form style that makes his work unique. Ea Eckerman was born in California and moved to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii at an early age. Raised on the beach and in the warm waters of the Pacific, Ea developed a deep appreciation for nature in its many forms and always looked to its beauty and strengths for inspiration. Take a look… and admire these beautiful works..





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  1. Andrew says:

    wow, really great ideas – now I know what to do with the millions of rocks I have on my land.

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