How To Transfer An Image To A Rock


As you already learned from some of our previous tutorials, rocks can make nice decorations and they are cheap too. You can find decorative rocks at any supplies store and even buy a whole bag for 5-10 dollars. But if you think your room deserves more than just some plain rocks, then check out this next idea that will teach you how to transfer an image to a rock. Cool, right? You will need:

• some rocks (preferably larger ones);
• an image you like;
• some white paint;
• a “Splendid Blender” pen;
• a laser toner;

Start by cleaning the surface of the rock, where your image will be placed. Paint the rock white and let the paint dry. Make a laser toner copy of the image you would like to transfer and place it on the rock with its face down. Hold the paper with one hand and start rubbing the pen all over the image. Make sure to press hard and hold still, this way you will get a nice and clear image. And that should be all. Remove the image and the transfer should be on your rock. It looks amazing and can be a great personalized gift for any occasion.

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11 Responses to “How To Transfer An Image To A Rock”

  1. linda partridge says:

    Do you have to copy image by lazer Mine is not a lazer printer..Can I use a ink printer..will it work

    • Moonweaver says:

      I would like to know if this is possible too..

    • Jody says:

      To do image transfer it has to be printed from an older laser toner printer. An inkjet printer will NOT work.

    • Codger Wilts says:

      If you don’t have a laser printer use a photocopy.
      It only works because of the way a laser sets the toner on the paper.
      An inkjet printer will not work as the ink is absorbed by the paper, while toner is laid onto the paper.

  2. Laszlo says:

    What is a “Splendid Blender” pen?
    The result is not have to fix with a varnish or something?

    • Dune says:

      I googled in Germany, so this are my results:

      You can contact her (, she has a blog, she writes in English too. She made some things like this work, which was written above.
      She wrote, that you can also use nail polish remover. And you need a laser printer to copy very dark.
      But I think, Nat will help you 🙂
      Hope this had helped…
      Greetz from Germany….

  3. criolle johnny says:

    How could you transfer an image to a glass?

  4. marlene says:

    Please tell me how to transfer image on rick without that blender pen. What are the other options. Also how to transfer onto different surfaces

  5. mermaigica says:

    this was supposed to be easy!! like anyone just has a laser toner lying around!!

  6. Greg says:

    An inject printer WILL work -An inkjet printer WILL work, if you brush stone surface with a small amount of transparent antiperspirant like L.dy Speed.tick.

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