True Off-Grid Homesteading in A Pioneer Style Cabin

Doug and Stacy are living the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century! Living in a beautifully constructed DIY pioneer style cabin and homesteading their land in Missouri, this adventurous couple have left behind the trappings of the modern world.

Their home has no refrigerator, no electricity and only gravity fed running water. They live simply in connection with their land. They have also been documenting their homesteading adventures on YouTube through their channel, Off The Grid with Doug and Stacy.

The homestead is centred around a beautiful 600 ft2 (55 m2) log cabin which was built by Doug.

While their home may feel miles away from the modern world, here they have found a place which brings them joy, peace and happiness. From their little cabin, they show how the tiny homes of the pioneers still have a place in todays society.

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  1. Ken Patronick says:

    This is exactly what I want for my trips to Canada in the deep northern region where it’s nothing but beautiful.

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