Turn An Old Dresser Into A Doll House


Here’s a great idea. Turn an old dresser into a playhouse. You can keep the bottom drawer for storage. Anyway, your kids will love this idea. See more lovely projects in the following…







VINTAGE SUITCASE into a doll house!!


How to Turn a Dresser Into a Custom Dollhouse

It’s an upcycling project that’s perfect for you and the kids.

source: MarthaStewart

15 Responses to “Turn An Old Dresser Into A Doll House”

  1. Eliloupalb says:

    C’est trop beau.

    Bonne trouvaille de faire des maisons de poupées dans des armoires.


  2. Cheryl Romero says:

    This is such a great idea…

  3. Debbie Dawkins says:

    Love this page

  4. Denyse zJohmson says:

    Clever creativity and personalized !
    What a terrific format to develop new memories.

  5. Denyse Johnson says:

    A wonderful base for creativity to be
    be displayed.

  6. I did this with a small bookcase. It turned out super cute!

  7. Jeff Ashner says:

    These might be the coolest upcycle ideas I have ever seen. What a fun and unique way to make something special for your child that will last a lifetime!

  8. Aletha says:

    Would love to have the talent to make one of these beautiful doll houses never had one as a child my cousins had 2 was never allow to play with them I was the weird child and their grandmother did not want me to touch them one time I went in the house and played with one the old lady saw me and chase with a broom called me white trash and stupid plus other names

  9. Pat reyes says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s terrible. If I were you I would just go for it, there’s very little cutting and if you know someone handy with a saw ask them for help.

  10. Elvy says:

    Your picture is used by pinterest and requiered a membership att pinterest to look at. I dont know if its a agrement with you and pinterest for them to use your picture.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I have one I bought 40 years ago. Always let little kids play with it. Broken furniture can always be glued.

  12. Mary Hough says:

    I miss you! These are great!

  13. Bobbi says:

    LOVE this!!!

  14. Ronda says:

    Love these .going to make some..
    I have cats and bunnies… families…
    Instead of dolls .

  15. Patti Dort says:

    I have vintage suitcases; one red, one pink, and one raspberry. Tried to sell for $7 each and got no takers.

    I’m glad they didn’t sell now i will make a dollhouse from your idea. Ps. My Barbie doll would love a new place to hang out! Thank you for your inspiration. Patti

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