Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light


The ordinary night light has run out its usefulness in many homes across the globe, leaving room for creativity in this area. Thusly, the Cloud Constellation Turtle Night Light enters the scene. Transforming a regular bedroom into an imagination source, star filled sanctuary which will bring any child a dreamy sleeping process. With less than 35 $ this partly-fluffy lamp will make put your kid to bed much more easy. Fitted for any room size, the 14×5 inches turtle projects three soothing color options, creating a green, blue, and amber environments. With a 45 minute sleep timer, it leaves you more room to do other stuff while your toddler wonders gently into the world of dreams. Not to mention that it can give your kid a passion for finding out more about constellations and the Universe in general. That’s an investment for the future!


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