Unique Cob Cottage in Mayne Island


We don’t often come to think about homes as handmade items. But this fairy tale cob cottage is sculpted by a local artist. In order to create a cozy place that makes you feel welcome every time you cross the doorstep, Patrick Hennebery used sustainable natural materials that were available in Mayne Island, Canada. The simple lifestyle is only accentuated by the lovely gardens and orchards surrounding it. Don’t be easily mistaken, there is hard labor involved in this process, but the final home is worth the while. Living off the grid can be achieved and this architectural jewel proves that. Explore the construction process and wonderful result thanks to the video and pictures provided. Share the cob cottage with friends who would like to live in such a fairy tale landscape.

Cob house build in Canada









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  1. Dr Rajani Vakkalanka says:

    Lovely, simple & cozy

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