Unique Nomadic Water Bed on wheels lets you camp on urban rivers


Finding the perfect camping spot is every adventurer’s wish. But what if you could transport yourself everywhere, including water and camp right on a river? This amazing Nomadic Water Bed helps you fulfill your dreams by being a mobile shelter that can be installed anywhere in nature. This camper is both a boat and a tent, and thanks to its wheels it can be easily moved from one spot to the other. So why spend money on hostels, camping places or boats when you can own all these 3 by investing in one amazing design? Just take a look at the pictures below and learn more about the Nomadic Water Bed, created by the talented Daniel Durnin. It’s really inspiring!




2 Responses to “Unique Nomadic Water Bed on wheels lets you camp on urban rivers”

  1. La Velle says:

    Looks to be fun.

  2. Joseph says:

    How much do you want for the trailer alone?

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