Vintage Silverware Art


Throwing silverware away is not just unhealthy for the environment but bad for your own household and pocket. With a little bit of craftsmanship and the help from a photo tutorial, you could also be able to bend spoons and forks into some interesting looking holders, hangers and various decorative items. Put your creativity to work with inspiration from these lovely set of pictures. Silverware is something you could fashion into art, if you have the right determination and the inclination towards sculpting. A palm tree, a clock, a dragonfly, or any other shape you can imagine is right at your grasp if you decide to use your unused silverware in a creative way. Be sure that with this sort of decoration you’re going to impress friends coming to visit you. Good luck on your work!

Dremel tool with:
fine sanding disk
small dia high speed cutting bur
polishing wheel



Man Fishing made out of SPOONS! AWESOME!!! Check out this Silverware Art here…

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  1. marrijo beckman says:

    I think your art is very unique and I’m very interested in various pieces how do o get a hold of u? Can u get a hold of me?

  2. Maria says:

    Where is the promised video on how to do this? All I see is advertisements for other things.

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