Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack


The laundry room is a crucial part of any household which has a lot of washing and ironing to do. Some might understand this better than others, but if you need to make drying clothes more convenient, the DIY Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack will do the perfect job. Firstly, because the cost of making one are almost zero. You just take 2 baby jail panels from the wooden crib your kid doesn’t use anymore and together with a pair or more of wall-mounted plant hooks, the panels can be easily installed. So, in other words, this DIY project can be yours 100% free. Secondly, you could put it to extremely good use when you have babies or toddlers in your family: diapers, underwear, socks and other small items of clothing sit perfectly on the newly-installed drying racks. See the project in more detail and feel encouraged to implement it in your own home.




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DIY wall mounted clothes drying rack

2 Responses to “Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack”

  1. Karen Wilson says:

    i love this idea but question the finish on the child jail coming off onto the clothes.

  2. Corinne Young says:

    Good Question Anyone know the answer? I was thinking the drying rack would be a great addition to a Tiny Home.

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