Wash Basin + Water Closet: Saving Water And Space


Wanted to show you this water recycling toilet-sink, designed by ROCA, because I think it’s great for small houses / bathrooms firstly. With delicate lines and an innovative technology, this wash basin + water closet parts are perfect for saving water and space. Another thing I like about this particular design is that it’s still practical. Wash basin + Water closet: design and sustainability in a single solution… How does it look?



4 Responses to “Wash Basin + Water Closet: Saving Water And Space”

  1. Loretta Fontaine says:

    I just wrote a post on this toilet on my EcoHappy Style blog and linked to THIS post and the video!

    The video you have posted is fantastic – love seeing how it all works!


  2. Fay says:

    Great if you have a stomach upset!!

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  4. Vicki Rand says:

    How much is this unit.
    and how long will it take to be delivered to FL.

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