Wash Your Fruits & Veggies With Vinegar


Many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides to get rid of bugs. Although nobody wants to find a creepy crawly thing in a peach or tomato,even small doses of pesticides can adversely affect your health and are worrisome, not well understood, and in some cases are completely unstudied.
Fortunately, you can drastically reduce your exposure to pesticides and bacteria found on produce with a thorough vinegar and water wash. Experts found that a white vinegar and water wash kills 98% of bacteria and removes pesticides.

3 Responses to “Wash Your Fruits & Veggies With Vinegar”

  1. Nash says:

    I would like to know the source of experts that studied or test this practice.

  2. dental care las vegas says:

    Usually I would not study publish for information sites, nevertheless i want to state that this particular write-up really forced myself for you to do consequently! A person’s producing preference is surprised everyone. Thanks a lot, rather great report.

  3. Jim says:

    It’s a good idea to get all external pesticides, herbicides and dirt off of your fruits and vegatables. And I’m sure that the vinegar will help. But there are newer pesticides that are absorbed into the plants themselves and cannot be washed off. Better to buy Certified Organic, if you can. Even though it’s much more expensive, usually.

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