While Humans are Social Distancing, Elephants are Stealing Their Wine and Partying

Half of the world is in lockdown, and the other half in self-isolation so there has been a lot of news about animals taking back the cities and villages.
This news about elephants, that broke into Chinese wine vats might be the cutest of them all. It seems that a group of hungry, but also curious elephants invaded a tea garden in China in search of food but found something more that they wished for.
They stumbled upon a grain alcohol storage unit and drank 30 liters of wine made from corn and the results were just as one would expect.

The photos of the drunk elephants taking a nap and chilling have gone viral on social media.
According to a conservationist named Parveen Kaswan, elephants do not dislike alcohol and on many occasions, it was observed that they even return to a place where they previously found alcohol. Who would have thought that elephants have such peculiar tastes?

“Many elephants are fond of alcohol and seek it out – and return to places where they found it before,” conservationist Parveen Kaswan wrote on Twitter.

“In tribal belts people hide country-made alcohol but somehow elephants find it,” he wrote.

“They mark the houses also where they found that last time. If they see drunk people they get irritated also, since it was not shared with them.”

2 Responses to “While Humans are Social Distancing, Elephants are Stealing Their Wine and Partying”

  1. Tina Baraque says:

    This pic fills me with joy and a modicum of hope the world may survive. I hope no one wants to ‘punish’ them for damages. People can be pretty awful. After all we have done to them, from hunting, mutilating,capturing ,poisoning water holes, to name a few injustices we force upon these gentle creature. The part of your brain responsible for empathy is far larger in an elephant. If only they could use weapons, maybe we would leave them in peace, and in the wild.

  2. Eartha Sykes says:

    They even looks as if they are smiling

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