Wife Builds Husband A Pub In Their Backyard So He’ll Stay Home!

This next story might sound a bit crazy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
The 48-year-old Jane Tapped got tired of her husband always leaving the house to go to a pub and meet up with friends, so she decided to build a pub in their backyard.
This way she can keep track of her husband’s drinks and know everything about his whereabouts.

She built the pub called, Doghouse pub in their backyard and it took her 5 months to complete it. This way, Paul, her husband can enjoy a fun night together with his wife and friends without having to leave the house and walk home drunk after a night out.
Jane even asked one of their friends to make a handmade sign for their pub, so they can post it at the entrance and it makes the backyard pub look very official. The couple also intends to open the pub for the public, to start making profits and recover their investment. Such a cool and original idea!

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