Wildlife Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Between Mama Polar Bear and Her Cubs

Paul Goldstein is an award-winning wildlife photographer, who captures the most stunning and unique moments starring wild animals.
He recently spent eight days in Nunavut, a Canadian territory, photographing polar bears and the results are quite impressive. During these eight days, he met a mama polar bear with her cubs and took a few intimate snaps of the group. Goldstein managed to explore the island by using a snowmobile which allowed him to reach the remote parts of Baffin Island.
With the help of a local Innuit tracker, who knows the island by heart, Goldstein managed to locate the polar bears and approach them for a series of pictures. They are captured while snuggling in the snow, and the mama bear keeps her cubs close.
Goldstein is already a veteran in the industry, having an experience of more than 25 years of wildlife photography, but he never seems to get tired of this craft.
His images and more and more perfect as years pass by and manage to present powerful emotions and even some human-like sides of his subjects.

Photographer Paul Goldstein came across a family of polar bears while on a remote part of Baffin Island.

In between hunting and feeding, there was plenty of time for snuggles.

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