Woman Raises $233,000 to Give 90-year-old Veteran Still Working in the Heat the Option to Retire

Karen Swensen, a former New Orleans news anchor, recently initiated a heartwarming fundraiser that garnered significant attention and support. She encountered 90-year-old Dillon McCormick, an Air Force veteran, pushing carts in the sweltering heat at a grocery store in Metairie, Louisiana. Struck by his story of financial hardship, Swensen learned that McCormick’s Social Security checks fell short of his $2,500 monthly needs, compelling him to work despite his age. Moved by his resilience and dedication, Swensen decided to take action. She shared a video of McCormick’s plight, aiming to raise $35,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to give him the financial freedom to retire.

The response was overwhelming. Within 24 hours, donations surged past $200,000, eventually reaching $233,000 before Swensen closed the fundraiser. Her heartfelt plea on Memorial Day, emphasizing McCormick’s service and the oppressive heat he endured, resonated deeply with the public. The campaign’s success ensured that McCormick would no longer have to labor under such harsh conditions unless he chose to do so. Swensen’s update on the GoFundMe page celebrated this achievement, highlighting the generosity and compassion of the contributors who made it possible. The funds were set to be transferred, promising a bright and restful future for McCormick, whose hard work and dedication had finally been rewarded by a grateful community.

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