Wonderful Handcrafted Log Home


Imagine a perfect log home with great views to the surrounding forests and a hospitable interior design. You have that picture in your mind? Good, you are now entering the Leavenworth Washington Log Home. Although it has an interior design that challenges modern downtown residences, people from Summit Log & Timber Homes didn’t forget to include practical and inspiring terraces on both levels of the log house so you can absorb the nature that embraces the entire structure. While the stone fireplace and the dynamic wooden staircase might draw all of the attention, it is worth mentioning that the designers have neatly included in the built a well lighten kitchen and dining area with an island that doubles as breakfast bar. Comfortable beds upstairs and even a small nook await you to cuddle with a book and simply relax after a long day exploring the impressive scenery all around.









3 Responses to “Wonderful Handcrafted Log Home”

  1. Random college graduate says:

    I love this house! I’d love to learn how they’d built it.

  2. Random college graduate says:

    All That wood ….. should have put down the floor with that pallet wood.
    sure like that central chimney on the other article.

  3. Random college graduate says:

    Man I love this house, course I would have use pallet wood for the interior floor and kitchen counters. I don’t like them small kitchen counters either. Slap a full size kitchen there, instead of the sushi bar thing going on. (them high chairs are notoriously uncomfortable and if your going to add a bar don’t forget the plasma TV, we are not women, we’re men).

    All in all it looks good, the floor is killing me though, give the wood a cheap finish specially by the door on that last picture (i hate that black tile).

    I don’t know about the carpet in the bedroom though. If the house is made of wood and you’d finish the floor with furbished pallet wood, then you could easily add a Persian carpet to it … that carpet on the room is too standard apartment look.

    A house that large, needs two refrigerators, one for food and one to group keep fresh produce, … don’t be shy on that department. A bronze kitchen bell would look better than that white urban one you got.

    Sorry 4 the critique, sure would love to see the design blueprints, or get a few more interior pictures. choices of heating and cooling. solar panels, water heater, ….. all the good stuff.

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