Wood Tables Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes


Do you like the Pacific Northwest? Did you fancy that trip you made around the shores out there? Why not preserve a similar view right in the middle of your living room? Thankfully, we have just the right project for this to be possible. You can now make a beautiful effect of a flowing river with just a section of a tree trunk. Only copy the design creatively implemented by Greg Klassen in coffee tables and dining tables. If you venture yourself in making the same wood table embedded with glass rivers, be warned the process might be quite intricate. The final visual result was achieved by fashioning an intricate piece of glass that looks similar to the color of a river. With pieces of wood cut off from trunks discarded at construction sites or in the process of rotting. If you want to improve the decor of your home with a spectacular piece of furniture like this, you can simply acquire it from the designer’s website.

wood-tables-glass-rivers-1 wood-tables-glass-rivers-2 wood-tables-glass-rivers-3 wood-tables-glass-rivers-4 wood-tables-glass-rivers-5 wood-tables-glass-rivers-6 wood-tables-glass-rivers-7 wood-tables-glass-rivers-8 wood-tables-glass-rivers-9 wood-tables-glass-rivers-10 wood-tables-glass-rivers-11


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