World’s Largest Bird Sculpture Took Artists 10 Years to Complete

This sculpture took ten years to be ready and the result is truly stunning. The large bird sculpture is located in Kerala, India in an amazing place called Jatayu Earth’s Center and it is a natural park that opened in 2017. T
The park is co-owned by the state and film director and sculptor, Rajiv Anchal and recently became the place where the world’s largest bird sculpture is located.

The sculpture draws a large flux of visitors to the park, and with its 200 feet long and 150 feet wide measurements, its size is impressive, to say the least. But what makes the sculpture unique, are the small and intricate details added by the artist, as every feather is visible from its head to toes and wings. The large body of the bird serves as a roof for the Center and visitors can even go inside Jatayu’s body.
Anchal worked on the sculpture for more than ten years, having a team of handy artists dedicated their time to this masterpiece and the result is out-of-this-world. And since the design has a background story, it gives even more depth and character to this work, as Jatayu is a central figure in the Hindu epic, called Ramayana.
The bird is thought to have a divine origin and is the legend says that it is the rescuer of Site, who was the wife of Lord Rama (an incarnation of Krishna and Vishnu).

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