Wow!! this is really amazing and beautiful: Shimmering Symphony Quilt

Isn’t this Quilt AMAZING?! This Shimmering Symphony quilt was created by Karlee Porter. Because it was an original composition, and designed around a specific theme, every single little element and detail was extremely thought-out and considered. “After calculating all the time spent, Starting with the first drawing in my sketch book and ending when the last bead was strung along the bottom, the total time spent was roughly 190 hours.” says Karlee Porter.

This seriously soft throw blankets is produced from a direct photograph of the award-winning quilt titled “Shimmering Symphony”. It is available in three sizes and features the image of the quilt on the front side. Made of 100% polyester and sherpa fleece, this just might be the softest blanket on the planet, so get ready to cozy up. More details here…

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