After Five Years of Closure, ‘Glamping’ Back Again in Yosemite National Park

After enduring a hiatus of five years, the return of “glamping” to Yosemite National Park heralds a new era of luxurious camping amidst the backdrop of untamed wilderness. Emerging from closures induced by pandemics and snowpack challenges, these revamped campsites promise visitors a blend of comfort and adventure. With amenities like showers, gourmet meals, and vistas of the park’s rugged backcountry, the allure of the High Sierra Camps beckons anew. Yet, as eager campers vie for a chance to experience the rejuvenated campsites through a lottery system, questions linger about the continued closure of Vogelsang and Merced Lake sites, shrouded in mystery despite repeated attempts to seek clarification from park authorities and Aramark, the park’s concessioner.

Despite the controversies surrounding development in pristine landscapes, Jane Simpson, chair of the leadership training program at the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, lauds the reopening of these campsites. Drawing from her own transformative experience in 2015, Simpson extols the unique blend of environmental consciousness and creature comforts offered by the High Sierra Camps. For many, the allure lies in the opportunity to shed the burdens of traditional camping gear while reveling in the splendor of nature. As Aramark and the National Park Service reaffirm their commitment to environmental stewardship, scholars like Jeff Jenkins emphasize the delicate balance between accessibility and preservation in managing national parks.

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