You Can Make Wine in Your Instant Pot

Can you make wine in an Instant Pot? And does it taste good? Sarah Blaskovich, food writer for The Dallas Morning News, cooked Welch’s grape juice, sugar and yeast in an Instant Pot for two days, following blogger David Murphy’s viral recipe.

Alcohol is not the solution to a problem, but a nice cup of wine every once in a while, can lighten the mood and even boost your immune system. And turns out that Instant Pot owners are in luck today, as food blogger David Murphy, managed to figure out how to make wine at home in this kitchen appliance.
Many owners of the Instant Pot happened to receive this as a gift, and since it is a complex machine it hides lots of secrets. This means, that experimenting with it is always welcomed and it also pays off as now you make your wine at home with its help.
The inspiration came for Murphy after he saw a meme mocking people who had crockpots and challenging them to make wine in them. After giving it some thought, he figured out that it might be possible and started browsing the Internet for recipes. As he couldn’t find any, he decided to make his own Instant Pot wine recipe.

The entire process is listed on Murphy’s blog and it’s not a traditional winemaking process, but the result is not bad at all. The recipe consists of Welch’s grape juice, granulated sugar, and wine yeast all combined in the Instant Pot for 48 hours. You can learn more about the recipe from the video presentation.

Igredients Needed to Make Instant Pot Wine
To get everything started, you’re going to need just a few things to make your Instant Pot wine.



Welch’s Grape Juice (64oz bottle)
1 cup of sugar (granulated)
a funnel
1 packet Lalvin Red Wine Yeast (They also have White Wine Yeast) *Just use 1/2 a pack*
Instant Pot with Yogurt Function (I have a 6qt DUO Plus IP)
Clear Packing Tape

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