Yurts: Living in the Round


Want to know what it is like to live in a yurt? The typical yurt is a portable, tent-like round structure distinguished by unique roof construction. Long spans achieved without intermediate supports create airy spaces that impart a sense of openness and connection. A hole or skylight in the center of the roof invites the sun in and the occupants’ gaze skyward. The yurt dwelling experience is described beginning with ancient, nomadic Turkic and Mongolian tribes in central Asia – the origin of these distinctive shelters.


More details: Yurts: Living in the Round (Book by Becky Kemery)


You can find offers for luxurious yurt for you to take shelter after a wild adventure through the wilderness. Take the Brush Creek Ranch for example. Laughing and eating round the camp fire, while the stars above watch over you and your friends can also be quite a relaxing opportunity to spend your time. With 700 square feet of space, the circular tent can be rented out for a special day close to Nature. The interior features cozy cots and is accessible through-out all seasons. Check out the pictures provided and decide whether this amazing experience at Brush Creek Ranch is worth the while.

Yurts-Living-in-the-Round-2 images credit: brushcreekranch.com


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