10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks You Need To Know


Vinegar is said to be a wonder product which can be put to good use in any circumstance around your household. But what exactly can it do to ease your daily activities and life at home? This next video will show you exactly what it can do. Watch each situation and reproduce the proposed solution whenever you want to unclog a drain, remove wrinkles out of clothing or get rid of smells. The list of situations where vinegar might prove useful is long and includes removing adhesive residue or even making flowers last longer! Take our advice and watch this short video to get a better idea. It will save you a lot of time on many chores around the house.

Topics covered:

1. Unclogging a drain
2. Removing adhesive residue
3. Getting rid of awful smells.
4. DIY Cleaning Products
5. DIY Fruit fly Trap
6. Getting Wrinkles out of clothing
7. Preventing pets from scratching
8. Make flowers last longer
9. Cleaning your glasses perfectly
10. Removing baked on gunk in a frying pan


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