10 Creative Christmas Veggie Trays


Eating vegetables can be an ordeal for some people, especially kids whose stomachs are keen on sugar and sweets, not vitamins and fibers. As a parent or a host to an event, you could stress yourself a lot about making a dish that hides well enough the vegetables or disguises them in a way that will make friends or family eat and enjoy them. Instead of resorting to this kind of deceiving tricks, we suggest you a better and truthful alternative! The vegetable trays can be just the thing you can use in order to convince guests at your table to have a bite from a fresh carrot. Arranging the vegetables on a tray in a way that is both creative and tasteful.Browse through all of the 10 vegetable trays shown here and pick your favorite!

1. Christmas Vegetables Tray


2. Vegetable Snowman Platter




4. Veggie Wreath Tray & Christmas Tree Tray

Christmas-Tree-Veggie-Tray-4 SOURCE

5. Christmas Tree Tray


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  1. Tilesbay says:

    Awesome creativity!!! Love the Christmas Tree Tray. 🙂

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