10 Fabulous Gabion Project Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of some makeovers for your outdoor space.
One idea that might be easy to put into practice is to incorporate a gabion in your outdoor spots. If you don’t know what that is, a gabion is a cylinder, or a cage filled with rocks and it will give a very cool and rustic look to your garden.

For instance, an amazing idea would be to make a gabion fence that will increase your privacy and can be made using lots of decorative rocks.

Another nice idea would be to make a sitting/dining area in your garden and build gabion tables and benches.
The small gabion baskets used in this specific project will be the legs of the bench and the table, and the rocks filling these cages will look very stylish.

You can also make other types of gabion garden furniture, such as a sitting bench. But of course, you can find some gabion project ideas that will have a purely decorative use, such as building a gabion planter or outdoor decorative wall.

If you feel a bit more ambitious and have a lot of extra space, you can also build a gabion fireplace or a decorative pond.

source: wirefence.co.uk

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