10+ Ideas for a cheap and creative decor

Are you moving into a new flat and need some ideas for decorating? Or maybe you’re just looking to refresh the look of your home! In each case, the link below will provide you some cool tips and tricks on how to decorate on a budget by upcycling old pieces of furniture or simply creating something from scrap all by yourself. Being on a budget, means you’ll have to compromise every time you enter a furniture store, but these project below will help you spend less and still make your apartment look pretty. For instance, you can always repaint an old drawer or change the cover of some old chairs and get something cool and modern-looking. If you’re thinking about ways to create a better lighting system in your room, you can always make some new lamps or lights with the help of cardboard. All these are only an introduction to the coolness you’ll find on the link below, so make sure you scroll through all the projects and pick the one most suitable for your home and taste.

1. Who would have imagined the final result after seeing that “before”?


2. How to Refurbish a Wooden Chair



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