10+ Simple DIYs To Bring The Outdoors Inside


Not all of us have the luxury of owning a luscious garden or a house with a decent size backyard. But the need of green in our lives is not only recognized but also recommended. This next set of DIY projects will make sure you improve your lifestyle: turn your indoor into outdoor. No more bites, hives, or rashes, from the insect filled yard. These few design tricks will help you have an awesome outdoor experience right in your home. You could start by transforming your stools with a bit of artificial grass. If you prefer only the visual than a tree design on your wall is the perfect method to do so. Tiny logs turned into candleholders will change the ambiance entirely in the living or bedroom. There are plenty of ideas you can choose from, like actual lemon trees that will look so bright and beautiful in the living next to the sofa, or more intricate hanging plant light fixtures. Look over the whole collection of ideas and find inspiration to transform your own home into a lovely outdoor.

1. Artificial Grass Stools (<<details)


2. Birch Wall Panel (<< details)


3. Starry Sky Wallsticker Design (<<details)



4. DIY Upside Down Planters (<< details)


5. How To Plant and Keep an Indoor Lemon Tree (<< details)


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