10 Simple Quick Life Hacks


A hacker is usually known in the high tech modernized world as someone who bypasses rules and other security walls built to prevent others from getting in. In the DIY world we use this term as a shortcut through the normal design of stuff. Like picking out a perfectly good pineapple from a bunch; the secret lies in picking out one of the leaves from inside easily and checking the bottom for mold. Or preventing ribbon from fraying by holding the ends over a lit candle. Check out this neat list of 10 simple and quick hacks we found. You could easily replicate them and save a lot of time and energy consumed for fixing things rather than enjoying life. Find out how you can use your salad spinner as a functional salad crisper or removing stains from your shower glass doors with the help of Goo-Gone.

There’s no need to memorize them, they are all here, at your disposal in time of needs. Click on the link and make your everyday life easier with these simple time-saving hacks.


10 simple quick tips for your everyday



    • No. Not accessable. I tried multiple time to navigate you title page without fruition. I can’t figure out how to get to the list of hacks. Every arrow on your title page that looks like it might Bethe right one ends up being an add, so Itried clicking on the pictures and no dice. Maybe next time .

    • Perhaps it’s how hard it is to notice the link, it’s not underlined, highlighted, larger font or underlined. I almost went by it also. When you have to go to one page to click on another, it’s nice to find the link quickly. Thanks, hope it’s an easy tweak to make it easier.

  • Richard on said:

    Darrell is correct, I looked three times, clicked on the picture a few times, tried to navigate through the ads to see the article and now giving up and not looking, I am surprised I even wrote this.l

  • Agreer on said:

    I agree. This site has been terribly designed, is uneasy to navigate (what, click on the image to be redirected to the same page? How stupid.) and unsightly.

  • Good lord! Where is the link for the hacks? This is ridiculous. Even after getting rid of the ads I can’t figure out where the link is. I’m definitely blocking this site.

  • UGH! Ditto on all of the comments above – why is Good Home always soooooo difficult to navigate??? Even after hiding all of the ads, I still cant get to the story!!!

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