10+ Things Made Out Of Old Parts


Have you ever wondered what to do with small metal items that you gathered in your toolbox? As there is a use for everything and each little piece can be transformed, you shouldn’t throw small metal items out in the trash. Instead, you can create beautiful art pieces to display in your home or surprise someone special on their birthday with them. The following link contains a set of images to help you inspire you and get creative with metal nuts and bolts. As you can see, you can make almost anything out of them from animal shaped sculptures to human shaped ones. Just find the idea that best suits your home and personality and try to recreate it for yourself. Once you master the art of creating such amazing decorative pieces, you can even invite your friends ower and teach them this cool technique too. Make sure you check out the image gallery below for some inspiration.

1. The Piston Head Army


2. Butterfly made out of screws and washers


3. Scorpion made out of screws, washers, screw key and hook


4. Scorpion made out of old parts


5. Another scorpion made out of old parts



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