101-Year-Old Woman Is Still Working on a Lobster Boat With No Plans To Retire

When you do something that you love as a living, you will not perceive it as a job as it will become a way of life. Max Oliver has been doing this for more than half of his life, working on a lobster boar, and now at 78 he still loves his job. If this sounds incredible, then what about Max’s mother, Virginia who is 101 years old and is working on the same boat, three days a week between May and November.
The two have been a team for ages, and they sail the coast of Maine searching for lobsters and living a life full of adventures. Virginia has been doing lobstering work since she was 7-8 years old, so it became second nature to her.
Of course, being on open waters almost all the day isn’t easy and it also poses dangers, especially for older people. Bad weather, unexpected situations, and work accidents happen also while and water, and recently Victoria cut herself badly while working and needed stitches.
Virginia states that she does not plan to retire, as she loves her job a lot and if her health permits it, she will keep on doing this until the day she dies.


  • Virginia Oliver has been lobstering on and off since the age of seven – and is now, at 101, Maine’s oldest lobster trapper.

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