11 Beautiful Projects With A Few Pennies


Everyone has a small pocket in their wallet for the tiny coins we receive as a change when shopping. Sometimes you may even refuse to take them, right? But what if you could use all that metal for some cool DIY projects? You could build a cage for birds or make a stunning vase. Or just simply glue the coins to an old object and give it a new look. For instance, do you want to change the look of a picture frame? These coins are the best craft supply for that project. Your frame will definitely stand out and be noticed by those who visit you. Another interesting idea is to apply these coins onto a wooden surface and create a very stylish coaster. The example can go on and on, but we invite you to check out these ideas and more on the link below and to choose your favorite project from the list.

1.Penny Coasters

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2. Before & After: Lucky Penny Vase

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3. How To Make A Beautiful Floor With A Few Pennies Sq.Ft

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5. DIY Recycle Old Tin Canisters Penny Project


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