11 Useful Things You Can Do With A Lint Roller


A lint roller may seem like an ordinary, almost banal tool for use around the home. Be prepared to be amazed! Because we will show you some clever things you can do with this device besides rolling lint. Actually, here are 11 ideas for repurposing the little tool you usually handle on your clothes. Ideas like cleaning drawers and those nasty crevices within the car. Truth is the lint roller can make any cleaning process much quicker. For instance, what happens when you shatter a glass on the floor? You get the broom and you start sweeping. But the roller could prove very useful for collecting broken glass, and much more effectively than any broom can. A pool table or stuffed toys make perfect mediums when dusting with a lint roller. Also, this stuff works great on your body as well: if quickly hiding dandruff from your shoulders is something you might have thought before, we’re sure you never considered peeling the skin from sunburn with a lint roller. Check out the entire collection and change your opinion about a lint roller forever.

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1. Clean a pool table with a lint roller

Clean-a-pool-table-with-a-lint-roller photo source

2. Quick Clean: Dust Lampshades With a Lint Roller


3. Clean-Out-Your-Handbag


4. Decoration Ideas With A Lint Roller

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