12 DIY’s Outdoor Summer Bars


It’s so nice and warm outside, that it makes you want to spend time on a terrace drinking a refreshing lemonade. But this means spending some money in bars, when you could easily do this at home. All you need is a backyard and some imagination and you can make a cozy bar in your garden and invite your friends over for some drinks. Here are some great ideas that will make you want to go and build your own bar right away. It is pretty simple, as you can use a lot of things that you already have at home, to build this bar. For instance, use a wheelbarrow to keep your drinks cold or two barrels to build a unique bar and store your drinks inside. You can also create a bar using a bench or some pipes to which you add pieces of wood. Creating your own bar is easy; you can use old things that you have left in a corner somewhere in your basement. Just add plenty of ice, the finest drinks and your friends and don’t forget to have a good time. Take a look below for more awesome ideas of home made bars and choose the ones you like the most.


1. What a great idea for a rustic outdoor bar

2. Wheelbarrow bar


3. Pipe bar


4. Fold out bar


5. Barrel bar


6. Ice bar


7.  Simple box bar


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