12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks


Gardening can be both fun and annoying, but with the right tips and tricks you will only notice the fun and pleasant moments. If gardening is your passion, but you feel it a bit challenging at times, this next list of tips will make your life and your gardening activities a little bit easier. Garden weeds are the ones that will give you the most headaches, but you can make your own weed killer and it will be super-efficient. You will find the recipe by clicking on the following link and the mixture will also be a non-toxic one. You will also find ideas about how to use of everyday objects in your garden, such as plastic forks or eggshells in order to become a more efficient and successful gardener. The next link contains a selection of 12 amazing gardening hacks that will simply blow your mind and you’ll want to share it with everybody afterwards.

1. How To Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes In a Barrel


more details here…

2. Do you put anything in your garden such as eggshells, leaves, or coffee grounds to help the soil?


more details here…

3. Make eggshell seedling pots to sprout your garden for less

Eggshell-Starters more details here…

4. Prevent animals from getting into your garden by placing plastic forks in the soil.


5. Protect your seedlings by creating a greenhouse using the top of a milk jug.


6. Make your own rain barrel to water the garden with out of a heavy duty trash can.


more details here…

46 Responses to “12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks”

  1. abdul hakki says:


    • Garden Hack Know How says:

      Awesome article!! Anyone who knows what life “hacks” are, are awesome and life hacks in the garden are amazing as well. Yes the PROPER term might be tips..but I think hack should be an acceptable term. You can hack the time in half and money spent by using them. For more great garden hacks and tips check out my new youtube channel at gardenhackknowhow.tk Check us out and subscribe! Have a great day and god bless!

  2. Grumpy says:

    When is this fad of calling ‘Tips’ – hacks going to end. They’re gardening “tips” …I have not hacked into my potato.

    • Sleepy says:

      Hacking is done on computers and it involves taking over other people’s computers via programming of software.

      Thank you Grumpy.

      • Skada Snafu says:

        Hacking is creating a program on a computer using elegant code, or taking today’s “tech” and making it better.

        Cracking is breaking into code, computers and other technology. Usually getting around encryption or bypassing serial number use so one doesn’t need to pay for the software; or to take over a computer.

      • Redman says:

        A hack / hacking is simply modifying. Cracking is illegally bypassing legal, albeit unwanted, restrictions.

        There’s nothing wrong with modifying designs and there’s nothing wrong with using the word “hacks” to describe said modifications.

        Surely, you can accept that another word in the English language can be used in place of “tips”?!! – If not, then, sadly, you may be a narrow-minded individual – you can be checked, but like the common cold, there is yet no known cure.

        It’s only a word, don’t turn the situation into some sort of personal attack against you – It’s only a word, and a perfectly good to use.

        “Open your mind” – Quato.

        • Grumpy says:

          @ Redman

          Lets be real for a moment. “hack’s” typically is a vernacular used in computer lingo or video games. We’ve been using a perfectly fine word like “tips” to describe something as pedestrian as gardening for a very long time. Why kitsch it up with a word like “hacks” because its trendy internet speak for a word that in everyday usage would be “tips”. Most people will still call it a gardening tip and will feel awkward saying, “I’m hacking this milk jug for my garden” Guess we all have to conform now because you’ve “got an open mind” about the bastardization of language.

          I’m so grumpy now, thx.

    • Lori says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE. Household tips, cooking tips, nobody is hacking anything!

    • Rich says:

      Well at least Grumpy is living up to his name.

    • freddijack says:

      I think its sick! 😉

  3. Paula Owens says:

    Love tips for gardening thank u

  4. karen says:

    I would never water my vegetable garden with water that comes out of a garbage can. That type of plastic is toxic and will leach.

    • Jim Bob Dugger says:

      That is actually a false statement Karen. I really wish people such as yourself would research your claims before posting online. This trashcan is made of food safe grade plastic that is a fact. People ferment beer in these and they are routinely used by bulk food processors to store grain, rice, flour, food liquids etc etc.. Perfectly 100% safe.

      • Mel says:

        I really wish people such as yourself would read an article properly before being rude to someone else who has every right to voice their own opinion. Did you read page 54? Where on the image does it indicate food safe grade plastic? The article refers to ‘a container’ and to using either a trash can OR food safe grade container. Be nice. And worry about the way you handle your own family issues, not telling others they are stating false claims.

      • Saludeen says:

        That doesn’t mean it won’t contain toxic chemicals. I’m sure candy is “food safe” too because we can still eat it. Don’t be so arrogant.

    • Karen says:

      National Sanitation Foundation out of Ann Arbor rates all equipment for food quality. You can go online and look up products to see if they are tested safe for food contact. They test swimming pool products, food equipment, well equipment, etc. It may have an NSF logo on it, but make sure it is an NSF logo for food contact. The non profit company rates things for toxicity, ease of cleaning, functionality, etc.

    • ed andrea says:

      Rain from a roof may not be good for watering vegetables. Composition roofs leach chemicals and shake roofs have organisms that may be unsafe to eat. Metal roofs are most likely ok. You can use roof water to water non-food plants. The stuff from the roof is most likely far worse than whatever comes out of an unsafe barrel.

      You can make sand filters that will filter the water. But they may not remove some chemicals from all composition roofs. If you are worried about ingesting chemicals or bacteria on your food do a lot of research on the internet about what’s safe before you dump roof water on a vegetable garden.

  5. chris rogers says:


  6. Lori says:

    Please make #13’s link active!

  7. Chris Lawson says:

    I like this site.

  8. Monica says:

    Great hacks

  9. Ex2bot says:

    “Hacks” is a reference to computer hacks: quick, clever programs (or parts of a program) that solve problems.

  10. Melissa says:

    Can the homeade weed kill be used in a vegetable garden?

    • Mrs. M. says:

      You would need to be careful not to let the spray get on your veggie plants or it will kill them, too. Instead of spraying, wear a cotton glove, dip it in the solution and then apply to leaves of unwanted plants. It kills by that which is left on the leaves to dry in the sun. Again, regardless of how you apply, don’t let it get on plants you want to keep.

  11. Lauqua says:

    Love the gardening tips

  12. Seamus says:

    OK where are the gardening tips, all I see are adverts.

  13. Matthew says:


  14. Dejan says:

    Something else…why will anybody collect rain in the can and than watering a garden which is already expose to rain? If that is for time when there is no rain,then you will have old water in the container of no water at all.
    Rain water is fine for washing your hair and for few other things but this is pointless.

  15. Mikouzu says:

    If u got butthurt by his reply, how do u manage real life? He wasnt rude at all. Its called opinion. Stop taking everything so close to your butt.

  16. Ty says:

    why does it say 12 hacks if i can only see the one weed killer hack?

  17. Ward Handshoe says:

    Thank you so much!

  18. RoBear says:

    Roses grown from cuttings may not be as hardy as nursery grown. Commercially available roses have been grafted onto a hardy root stock. This does not affect the grafted rose’s appearance but does give the plant the benefits of the root stock, such as resistance to mold/fungus.

  19. J says:

    You’re showing your age. Hack is a general term many people use and most people understand. Don’t think hack is going away so you might want to get over it

  20. Another dbag commentor says:

    Frank and Mel – Fuck You

  21. Pat says:

    Why must everything turn into an opportunity to criticize?? The article is about gardening tips (ok ‘hacks’, who cares). I think they’re all useful tips – pick and choose. It’s not compulsory to like or agree with them all. Lighten up, people. Please 🙂

  22. Curious says:

    I wish I could “like” and “dislike” some of these comments! People are f**** insane!! Who cares if it’s a tip or a hack or a suggestion or and idea! WTF is wrong with you people?! Be thankful for someone trying to help your pathetic selves and stop arguing about a f**** WORD! GEEZUS! <— got something to say about THAT word? It's MY word, so fuck off! I LOVE these hack ideas, I think they are awesome, and I THANK whoever put this page together 🙂 Now let's see which of these douchebag losers that complain about WORDS I can HACK into their computers!! LOL

    • Grumpy says:

      You sound like a loser and a hypocrite. Look how upset YOU’RE getting over this? Maybe lay off the K or blow for a bit and try some gardening. Try hacking a potato or whatever soothes your delicate sensibilities.

  23. Doctor G says:

    I have tried the fork trick unsuccessfully
    Raccoons laugh at that gimmick

  24. Heidi says:

    Great point! I still think the barrel is a great idea. I’m thinking of putting up gutters along our fences so it will collect rain but not run-off.

  25. Lucy says:

    I’m a new reader of your site. Awesome article by the way, I shared your article with my followers 🙂

  26. Steve says:

    Really you have shared the one of the best post which I liked too much. Lots of useful information you have given here. Congrats!!

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