How To Start Seeds In Eggshells


Gardening is a hobby that needs not only lots of work but also attention to detail. A great way to go about in this domain at first is to start with seedlings. And there are a lot of ways to use your everyday objects from your household for this. For example, use eggshells to start growing something in the safety of the home and then transport it outside. Here is what you have to do. Grab this list of materials:

• seeds, obviously;
• some dried empty eggshell;
• an empty egg carton;
• soil mix;

In order to have a safe environment for your future plant, work with the eggshells placed in the slots of the egg carton. Take a teaspoon and put soil in each eggshell. Be careful, they are very fragile. Next, put a couple of seeds in an eggshell and cover with another spoon of soil. Do the same for the other eggshells as well. Now begins the care process. At three days period you should sprinkle half a teaspoon of water (chlorine free) on each eggshell. Important to keep this measurements, so not to over moisten the soil! Keep in a warm temperature with lots of light getting through to them. When a stem and some leaves have grown from your seed, simply transport it outside. Before planting in the garden, crush the eggshell a little in your hand; doing so will leave room for the seed to grow freer and even stronger (because of the calcium of the eggshell).


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