12 Uses for Epsom Salt In The Home And Garden


Keeping a home garden healthy and productive is not an easy task. But it’s rewarding and one can make the whole job easier with just a few tricks. One such shortcut is so simple you’d wish you knew it for ages. The many uses of Epsom salt in your home are not limited by the kitchen area. Besides medical purposes (for example in relieving pain from bug bites and sunburns) or cleaning ones (this type of salt has proven an effective helper in scrubbing dirt), Epsom salt is perfect for growing vegetable plants, like tomatoes or pepper. The magnesium found in the salt actually helps the whole growing process. All you need to do is deposit a tablespoon of the Epsom at the base of the hole you dug for the plant, cover it with some soil and finish the planting process. There are plenty of uses like the one just described. Read them all and make your home gardening a lot easier.

Uses For Epsom Salt

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