1240 Sq. Ft. Prefab Modern House


If you are planning to buy a house, you should also pay attention to prefab houses. Many people argue that prefab houses are impersonal and it’s hard to find one that reflects their personal style. But there are no general truths and prefab homes can often surprise you in unexpected ways. This stunning house, called M2 is a prefab structure and its inside is a real treasure. The 1240 square feet interior is comprised of 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms, completed by a kitchen, diner and living space. Method Homes designed this house in order to fit everyone’s needs and the best thing about prefab structures is that you can buy a smaller house and later add extra space to it. So if you think 1240 square feet are too much for you, choose a smaller version and expand it later if needed. In the case of M2, the bedrooms and the living area are separated by an glass covered bridge, thus giving the impression of two connected homes. The interior is also beautifully decorated in a very simplistic, but elegant way.






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