14-Year-old Grabs Wheel of His School Bus After Driver Passes Out with Foot on the Gas

Acie Holland III, a 14-year-old Wisconsinite, emerged as a beacon of bravery and quick thinking when he assumed control of his school bus after the driver fell unconscious. His swift action averted a potential disaster, earning him recognition from various local authorities and instilling a newfound confidence within himself. Despite his young age, Holland’s composure and decisiveness in the face of crisis showcased a maturity beyond his years.

The incident unfolded during a routine bus ride in April, as Holland noticed signs of distress in the driver. Reacting with a keen sense of intuition, he took charge of the situation, maneuvering the bus to safety and ensuring the well-being of his fellow passengers. His father’s pride in his son’s actions speaks volumes about Holland III’s character and preparedness, underscoring his natural inclination to assist others in need. This remarkable display of leadership and compassion serves as a testament to Holland’s exceptional qualities, leaving a lasting impression on his school community and beyond.

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