15 Christmas Trees Out of Books


You will be surprised, perhaps, but decorating the Christmas tree has little to do with Santa. The first decorating of a tree dates, according to the internet, in the fifteenth century, somewhere in Lithuania and Estonia, and propagated in the sixteenth century in Germany, when it will take the entire world by storm. Initially, it was a kind of cult object of December, people dancing and singing around it. Currently, we do not know exactly its practical purpose, but since it is a reason of joy for children, it should also be a joy for book lovers. You probably wonder what the connection between a Christmas tree and books is. Well, for those of you who chose to be eco-friendly this Christmas and not buy a tree, there are some cute ideas of how to make a Christmas tree out of books.
You will find a selection of pictures with great ideas of how to make a Christmas tree out of books for those of you who like reading and also want to help preserve nature.
So have a look at the pictures and let them inspire you.

1.  book-christmas-tree-1

2. book-christmas-tree-3

3. book-christmas-tree-4

4. book-christmas-tree-5

5. book-christmas-tree-6

6. book-christmas-tree-7

7. book-christmas-tree-8

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