15 Crafty Desserts Ideas: Too Cute To Eat!


Creating the best desert is a true art, especially when it comes to cakes. A great cake has some elements of success, such as an awesome taste, a moist structure and a beautiful look. Each of these is equally important, but looks and decoration are the first thing that everyone notices, so don’t ignore this part. If you want to surprise a huge arts and crafts enthusiast with a birthday cake, these crafty desserts should be very useful. On the following link you find 15 craft inspired desserts, from cakes to candy pops and lovely cupcakes. Each of them is unique and highly creative, but our favorite is the yarn and needle cake, that looks very real. Just look at those beautiful stitch details and the truly great use of pastel colors. Take a look at each idea and let them inspire you with their beauty and uniqueness.



1. Bunting Flag Cake

Crafty-Desserts-Ideas-1 source

2. Knitting Basket Cake

Crafty-Desserts-Ideas-2 source

3.  Crewel Work Cake

Crafty-Desserts-Ideas-3 source

4. Quilt Square Cookies

Crafty-Desserts-Ideas-4 source

5. Spool of Thread Cake Pops

Crafty-Desserts-Ideas-5 source

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