15 Creative and Unusual Staircases


The need of a staircase is felt strongly by people who love that first or second floor of their home or office building. Staircases have been that invention that gave modern man the necessary boost for building this technological environment that we all see and admire around us. What about the creativity around it? We tend to imagine a staircase in the straight-angled shape that kids use to draw it. But it’s not the case to limit ourselves. Pushed by the desire to navigate from floor to another in a unique style, people worldwide have designed some unusual and creative staircases. Here are just 15 examples. Be inspired!







5 Responses to “15 Creative and Unusual Staircases”

  1. kinetixratoon says:

    who would need these stairs anyway? what am I gonna do when I’ll be drunk and want to go upstairs

    • susana says:

      ” what am I gonna do when I’ll be drunk and want to go upstairs”

      But you have to admit that, this stairs are amazing!

      Best regards

    • mara says:

      Hilarious! Best comment I have seen in a while, thanks for his laugh! That’s valid good point! I was thinking to myself how dangerous most of those stairs are for kids. They look cool but I wouldn’t want them. I think the best creative stairs that I have ever seen is not on here, which is old real huge tree with stairway around it, so beautiful.

  2. Destiny242 says:

    Very cool, however; some look a bit treacherous.

  3. Adel says:

    When you’re drunk, the spiral stair will look straight up

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