15 DIY Mason Jar Ideas for Halloween


Prepare to be amazed and creep out at the same time, as these next Halloween decorations look so realistic. But the most important thing about them is that they will do a great job in creating an appropriate atmosphere and look as spooky as possible. Coming up with original Halloween decoration ideas becomes harder and harder every year, as great ideas seem to come only once in a while. Don’t worry about looking boring with these decorations as most definitely everyone who’ll see them will be amazed. All the decorations presented here include a mason jar as supply, which is not a big investment at all. For instance, create a small terrarium in a mason jar and spice it up with fake spiders and bats. Or create a mummy jar that will be used as a centerpiece and place a candle inside for a nicer effect. Or go with the grotesque-looking eyeball Mason jar, filled of course with plastic or jelly eyeballs. For more awesome ideas click on the links below and make yourself some creepy Halloween Mason jars.

1. Halloween Mason Jar Mini Cakes – Frankenstein, Jack-O-Lantern and Mummy

manson-jar-halloween-1 instructions

2. How to Make Halloween Terrariums

manson-jar-halloween-2 instructions

3. Mummy Mason Jar Halloween

manson-jar-halloween-3 source Etsy

4. Painted Halloween Jar Candles

manson-jar-halloween-4 instructions

5. Halloween Spooky Sticks Centerpiece

manson-jar-halloween-5 instructions

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