15 Genius Ways to Use Binder Clips


Having a rough day at the office? Does everything in your home appear to be disorganized? Well, binder clips seem like your ordinary office supply, handy for your business papers, useless outside that environment. Luckily, we are here to offer you the following advice: there are other 15 clever uses for binder clips! From the simpler untangle of cables of your electronic devices, to hanging your pants and even use them to aid you in whatever sewing project you have, the binder clips are proven to be trustworthy helpers. Learn with the visual tutorial about the many uses of the binder clips. Maybe show it to your work colleagues. They will surely appreciate the tricks. You’re welcome!

Binder clips avalable here….

5 Responses to “15 Genius Ways to Use Binder Clips”

  1. Linnea Cihura says:

    So, I wanted to see 15 ways to use binder clips. I can’t find any of them. There is no where to go to see the 15 ways?????????

    • ange says:

      Try clicking on the video below: Binder clips avalable here….

    • Liggybee says:

      Cool tricks/ tips in that video…some of them I already have been doing but it’s good to see it’s an idea being shared. Makes a lot of things in life so much easier and neater!

  2. Billie says:

    You have to watch the video for them.

  3. Unnati Dixit says:

    Hey linnea..there is a video down below for ways to use binder clips

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