15 Stunning Fence Painting Designs to Inspire Your Own Backyard

Before being ready for some fun in the sun, you have to prepare your backyard and give it a nice makeover. Since people are getting more and more crafty these days, the Internet is full of easy DIY projects.

If your garden has been looking the same way for a long time, you can try and paint your fence in a fun color or apply a cool pattern.
This project is one that can involve the entire family and you can spend a productive weekend together, getting as creative as you can.
And since a garden fence is a large surface, it can serve as a canvas for your next art project.

To get things started, search a bit around for ideas or just browse this next gallery which features 15 stunning fence painting designs. From painting large flowers or butterflies on your fence, to brightly colored fences or ones that have an entire garden painted on them, you’ll surely find one that fits your taste too.
If you’re not a talented painter, you can always choose to apply a stencil to your fence, one that is pre-made and printed, so you’ll have a repeating pattern with just a few brush strokes. Check out all the 15 fence painting ideas, and choose your favorite one to try at home.

1. Full garden painted fence


3. Brightly coloured fence people

4. Calvin and Hobbes inspired fence art

5. Colourful kid painted fenceposts


7. Flowers and a monarch butterfly

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