16 Cat Costumes for Halloween


Dressing up your pet for a special occasion can be fun, but maybe your little companion won’t appreciate it as much as you. Still, if you’re preparing for a Halloween party and want to take some cute pictures, you can dress up your pet for a short period of time. Today, we focus on cat Halloween costumes, as there are a lot of cat owners out there. Cat costumes come in so many variations, that it’s hard to choose just one, but our all-time favorite is the mini Batman costume for cats. It’s just adorable. For more cool cat costume ideas, please visit the following link and tell us which one is your favorite. Don’t forget to ask your cats opinion on this matter too!

1. Batman Cat


2. Lion Cat (available here…)

Cat-Costumes-for-Halloween-2 available here …

3. Mickey Cat


4. Ram Cat


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