16 Genius Kitchen Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About


Life in the kitchen is supposedly complicated because you have a lot of ingredients and tools to combine in even more combinations that you can remember easily. But things shouldn’t be like this! You can deal with a lot of the rough stuff of cooking with some simple, yet genius tricks and tips. From something basic as peeling a lemon according to what use you have for it, to more intricate things like molding a hard-boiled egg. There are plenty of tips that involve transforming things you usually use into something new and creative. Take for instance the Tic-Tac containers; they will make perfect spice storage boxes. Or the ketchup bottle that easily doubles as pancake batter dispenser. What do you think about making a wall holder out of the regular whisk you use in the kitchen? These are just a few tips. Explore more and try to improve your life in the kitchen area.


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16 Genius Kitchen Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About – Daily Ideas

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  1. Anne Vrolyk says:

    Where is the actual article?? Only advertisers have links. Cannot see the 16 things you mention. Very frustrating.

  2. maxine says:

    hi, if you click just below where it says find all 16 here it should let you onto it, good luck.

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