18 Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas For Anyone To Do

7. DIY Photo Tile Coasters

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-7 source

8. DIY Gift: Terrarium Kit

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-8 source

9. DIY Painting A Porcelain Mug

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-9 source

10. DIY Fabric Clock

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-10 source

11. DIY Pretty Pouf

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-11 source

12. Tassel Charm Bracelet

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-12 source

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  1. Lorena says:

    I wish u can make me 1 of these.. I’ll pay 4 all expenses! Please!

  2. Lorena Latimer says:

    I always wanted this 4 SOOOO long…ever1 I reached out 2, they blow me off! Please help! O please.. I’m a depresses person, & all I ever wanted was 2 some 1 2 helpe!

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