18 Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas For Anyone To Do


Birthdays are always fun and it is a nice occasion to get together with people and celebrate someone you care deeply about. But birthdays also mean presents and in times when you are broke or have spent all your economies, buying a gift can cause you some unpleasant moments. But not anymore, as here is a list of 18 really cool and inexpensive gifts that can be perfect when you just don’t enough money to spend on presents. For example, Number 4 is a beautiful and stylish floral sunglass that will cost you almost nothing and can be made at home in no time. Or if you want to surprise someone with a very personal gift, you can always make an amazing photo pendant, like idea Number 5 suggests. The entire list of 18 ideas is full of great tips and inspiring projects for an upcoming birthday.



1. DIY Glowing Photo Luminaries

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-18 source

2. DIY Gold Bead Bracelets

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-1 source

3. DIY Laced Cement Votive

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-2 source

4. DIY Floral Sunglasses

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-3 source

5. How To Make A Photo Pendant for under $2.50!

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-5 source

6. DIY Statement Tote Bag

Inexpensive-DIY-Gift-Ideas-6 source

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